Secrets to My High Vibe Day

I titled this secrets to MY High Vibe day as I am not here to tell YOU what to do, you have to find your own rhythm but in the spirit of inspiration, these are my main focuses are each day to keep myself living a vibrant and healthy life.

  1. Celery juice before anything else - start the day by letting this gobble up all the low density energy in my body

  2. Smoothie for breakfast - no solid food until around 11am (ok I’m totally lying I eat organic dark chocolate before 10am!)

  3. I get high off incense, the one in the blue box (forget what it’s called but it is my favourite) then it’s mediation, chanting, prayer, decrees (Qigong when I remember) and pretty much all the kumbaya’ing I can do before I get to work

  4. I adorn my body with make up and clothes that make me feel like a Queen or whatever energy I wish to invoke (oh f**** I am lying again, I am sitting here in yoga pants, mascara smeared and hair in a bun BUT 95% of the time my face and body is styled AF!)

  5. I watch my thoughts all day. Yep, this is the bit you may skip over and want to go back to smoking sage like it’s weed but none of anything else I have written will do any good if we are in lower density thoughts all day. I don’t believe my thoughts unless they feel good. If thoughts are playing on repeat I ask “is this mine” “why am I choosing this” “What archetype is this (victim, child, prostitute or saboteur) and what is the opposing energy to this particular archetype or what would I think if I was listening to my Spirit/God. I then truth rant over these thoughts, filling myself with words that empower me. This is not about saying mantras, it’s finding the tone of truth within me and speaking with authority over my life. My shadow thoughts do not get to rule the show!

  6. If I feel like intense energy of anger or sadness I have a conscious rage practice and express it even if that means throwing a tantrum without getting other people involved. (When I don’t do this, than someone will trigger me and I take it out on them so I’d rather do it consciously )

  7. I take ownership/responsibility for my energy and my part in things even when people piss me off.

  8. When I feel bored I ask myself, what energy am I not expressing, what am I withholding and not allowing to flow through me and why?

  9. I exercise EVERY day - 4 out of 7 are intense gym workouts.

  10. I take supplements and herbs. I am currently on B’s, Magnesium, Vitamin C, pure grade essential oils, Australian bush flower essence, herbal teas, 5 -HTP (this one has done wonders for my mood). Herbal tinctures when needed (see my naturopath Carissa Crosdale for recommendations).

  11. I drink 3-4 Litres of 9.5 PH Kangen water (you won’t drink bottle water again after Kangen!)

  12. I eat clean 80% of the time, which means very little sugar, gluten, dairy and processed foods. I am slowly reducing my meat intake, but sorry vegan readers, I haven’t given this up yet. (and if you saw me at McDonalds recently I swear to Buddha I was having a salad (with my cheeseburger meal) ;)There still is 20% devil in me and I love it! :)

  13. I choose not to listen to the advice of people who are projecting their experience and reality onto me! Women “man hating” - stay they eff away from me unless you have come to alchemise that perception!

  14. I am meticulous with my energy, ensuring I give my time to what is in full alignment and if I am around people or in situations that are challenging, I do not lower my energy to meet the energy of others.

  15. I do not people please

  16. I pray throughout the day and I am in a spirit of appreciation most of the time. Spirituality is not a morning ritual.

  17. I listen to inspiring and educational content around consciousness and spirituality every day

  18. I take in feedback from the world and adjust my energy accordingly

  19. I make fun and pleasure a priority.

  20. I clear my energy meridians and lower thoughts with EFT

  21. I decide that I am the coder of this video game that is life. It’s my kingdom and I make the rules!

  22. I am not hard on myself or if I don’t do any of the above!! I am far from perfect. I actually don’t focus on being “high vibe”, I focus on living my best life and accept all emotions, not making anything mean anything.

I’d love to hear how you stay high vibe and manager your energy throughout the day? What are your priorities?


Why It May Not Be Working Out

If you feel stuck and can’t move ahead no matter how much “inner” work that you do here are the most common reasons I witness people struggle move past, but once you recognise these partners you have the power to change them.

  1. You don’t believe that you can have what you want

  2. You have a massive fear of abandonment and loss which affects everything

  3. You have a deep need to prove your worth or how much you know because you don’t feel good enough

  4. You actually believe your thoughts are real

  5. Your body chemistry is out of whack so your emotions are up and down

  6. You don’t know how to take authority over your life and command from a tone of truth

  7. You are attached to an outcome and repelling as you chase your desires

  8. You dim yourself down for your family/friends out of fear being left alone

  9. You are scared of your power

  10. You won’t let go of what you know is not in full alignment

  11. You subconsciously don’t actually want to change because you believe it’s unsafe for you

  12. You think you are going to lose your parter if you change/grow/get the result

  13. You are so worn out by life you secretly need to be taken care of so you create random shit in your life so that someone takes care of you

  14. You are letting your lower energy archetypes get rule the show (prostitute, child, victim, saboteur) that is a whole post of it’s own!)

  15. There is a pay off for being in your current circumstance

  16. You haven’t decided that you will have your desire and you want to punch me in the face because you swear to God that you have and you are sick of people saying that, but based on the above - you haven’t

  17. You are completely disconnected from your intuition

  18. You don’t trust yourself

  19. You let lower frequency energies in and have no authority over them so you let them feed off of your fear state

  20. You compare mentalist your life, not realising the area that you are yet to look at is connected to your goal.

  21. Your heart is blocked and so is down stairs!

  22. You consume more than you create because you are waiting for answers

  23. Your body is chemically addicted to the ups and down

  24. You don’t know how to be meticulous and precise with your energy so you get drained easily or feel resentful

  25. You don’t know how to run your energy in a way that best suits you

  26. You aren’t committed to transformation in every moment and only do it when you are in your ritual, with your coach, journalling etc.

Do any of these stand out for you?

All of these I see regularly in people and I have experienced them myself. It creates a very dull energy field which makes it difficult to move ahead.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You are powerful. You are Sovereign, you are a warrior, magician and lover. You have a life available for you that is more than you can imagine. Commit to the inner work. Get support.

Learn how to address these things, release them, alchemise them and you will start to see results.

It’s not as hard as you think. It just takes commitment.

If you would like support in tapping into your Sovereign Potential contact me for an introduction 1:1 Axxtivation session.

If you would like help with clearing your core blocks make sure you claim your free Axxtivation video at the bottom of my website.

Lots of love,



Success Secrets That Work!

Succeeding in life comes down to the commitment to a few key principles. When you really get these, and are dedicated to mastering your mind and emotions, you will realise it is spiritual law that things work out. These are my top tips for creating a life that you love.

  1. Be precise and meticulous with your energy

  2. Know what you value as this ignites your desires

  3. Set and uphold your standards and do not drop them EVER

  4. Decree and command your desires from the energy of your Sovereign self. Your tone should reflect your knowing that this is your kingdom and what you say goes. Frequency and vibration from your voice is everything!

  5. When you are stuck in fear based thoughts alchemise this with the opposite action to what your fear is saying. Action is often the missing piece in alchemising your emotions.

  6. Allow your inner warrior to do whatever it takes to uphold your values and standards and takes inspired action on your vision.

  7. Be willing to look like a fool for what you value and what you stand for

  8. Continue to alchemise any energy, thought, belief, program that may be replaying lies that may stop you in your tracks from creating your desires

  9. Create the environment within you that can hold the space for the influx of energy that is coming into form.

  10. Taking care of your body is a big part of the above point. Get your chemistry right!

  11. Look through the eyes of the magician who can see’s outside of time and can orchestrate things that can only be described as magic to bring your vision into reality

  12. Do not try to make sense of anything, you aren't here to manifest through your mind, but tap into completely new dimensions.

  13. Do not give up on your vision until you see it in the physical. Let go of the details of how you think it has to be and TRUST that it is always this or something better.

  14. Always trust that your highest good is always being served no matter what.

  15. Do not believe your thoughts if they do not match your vision for your life.

  16. When in doubt ask yourself, did I choose this thought?

  17. What is available for me if I was seeing through the eyes of God/Source.

  18. Do not do it for the result. Do it for the passion, the mission, the love, the creation or because your intuition told you to do it. Always do it for the art.

  19. Don’t chase.

  20. Detach.

  21. Don’t make anything mean anything.

  22. Success means nothing, failure means nothing.

  23. Love more than you want to.

  24. Remember that nothing is outside of you or separate from you.

  25. Have fun being the creator that you are.

  26. Oh and don’t brush your hair!! 😜 Because you get to let the cray cray out!


Stop resisting the chaos!

Maybe you are onto something – attracting chaos into your life.

You may be experiencing the same patterns over and over, keeping yourself in chaos in different areas of your life.

Money is going up and down,

Relationships are up and down,

Struggle – thrive – struggle – up down and around and round.

You swear to Buddha that you are doing all it takes to get your life back on track (if it was ever on the tracks in the first place) and you are doing all the things but nothing is moving the dial, there is still the chaos, the adrenalin, the not knowing what is going to happen next.

And you are hard on yourself for always attracting chaos.

You think that you MUST be low vibe despite all your high vibe efforts and you slowly start to numb yourself so you don’t feel so damn disappointed and deflated.

Sometimes you thrive in chaos, other times you drown, not knowing if you can get by another day like this.

There is something enlightening in this perfect creation of yours. The chaos screams a potent message.

Come towards me it whispers,

Don’t be scared, don’t try to make me mean anything...

I am the answer you need.

It’s not to say you need to CREATE chaos but there is a force within chaos that you are ignoring. You were taught to move your energy around it, rather than go directly into it.

You worry that you will lose it if you go into it, but the feeling underneath it all is calling you.

The dark force of the feminine fire is within you to alchemize you into stillness.

Yes the force of chaos will actually bring the most blissful stillness if you allow yourself to get into the eye of the storm. The energy of destruction is the Source energy of death and rebirth that can shift you to uplevel.

Nature shows us this. That perfect stillness after a deemed disaster where it’s like nothing happened at all.

Most people get up to the edge of chaos and don’t go further, it seems like death to choose to walk further into the danger zone, but try, dip your toes in and see how the moment you choose to go in, a new reality merges around you. You may not even feel any burn, it’s the choice to go in that changes it all.

So instead of avoiding chaos (but attracting it anyway!) stop for a moment, and ask yourself, how can I go deeper into this state to hear it’s message, what is on the other side of this, how can I use this energy and what would happen if I go all in?

Stop resisting the chaos, move with it, surrender to it and notice it all begin to change within you and around you.


One of my worst fears came true

One of my worst fears came true

I spent 20 years in suppression, keeping quiet, making sure I didn’t rock the boat. Fear of the deep rejection and abandonment that could come if I said anything.💫

I pretended that it was normal, I would often have outsiders point it out and I would shrug it off, saying it was just how it was, not wanting to make a big deal out of what had happened and continued to go on. I was focused on being strong and positive about it all.

I thought I was managing this situation and fear pretty well and I tried to make up for it in other ways, keeping everyone happy, but it didn’t take long for the illness to manifest… 20 years ago the severe attack on my immune system started, the anxiety and later on the depression. 🙇‍♀️⠀

I did everything it took to keep the dragon quiet. The one within me and the external one I feared. 🐉⠀⠀

It became a habit like brushing my teeth. I had to shut up and not bring it up - ever… or else. No one told me to shut up, but it was the conclusion I had made based off what I saw happening around me.

Recently I faced the “or else”. The thing I swore to be quiet about in some kind of effed up energetic agreement, flew out of my mouth before I could stop it.

It was like years of anger was about to burst and all I could do was run as soon as it came out. In fear of what I would do in my rage or what the other person would respond.🤯

It’s been about 2 months since that moment and I once again brushed it off, knowing it was over, knowing that there was nothing I could do, and pretending I was ok about it all.

It’s also been about 2 months I have been ill, physical symptoms coming back from my past. I voiced the words but held back the deep pain of it all.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I noticed myself wanting to pull away from everyone. I have been so busy, I really haven’t had time for anyone, but last night I also could feel this pain of abandonment and rejection putting up walls around me.

I went into some EFT, then deep breathwork which activated the release of this trauma from deep in my body. I screamed, sobbed so hard it scared me, I couldn’t breathe. I felt a life time of rejection from the person who was supposed to be my closest alias. Breathwork is so powerful!

My worst fear had happened. I spoke up and it ended it all.🙅‍♀️

💕And I am ok with it. Yes there was deep pain that was in my body, we can’t ignore that, and I get to keep releasing that from my body and energy field, so that it doesn’t manifest in unpleasant ways, but I get to sit with it all and let the emotion move through me. I get to make a different choice in my beliefs and see that rejection and abandonment from another person isn’t real. It is the perfect lesson for me to let go of the beliefs that so many of us hold, that we are separate from love.⠀⠀⠀⠀

💜 People come into our lives to teach us these valuable lessons, help us to release core human wounds and ascend into deeper love, it is never about them or us, it is always an opportunity to go within and feel what is real, what we need, what we have abandoned or rejected in myself.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

🙏🏻My fear of rejection and abandonment from someone so close to me really was a reflection of how much I abandoned and reject myself in staying quiet and people pleasing for so many years. We cannot control other people’s behaviour but we can control how much we express in this world.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

🌈So that is where I am at today. Honouring the process. Allowing the deep emotions that I suppressed for over 20 years come up and out and choosing to see LOVE over all situations.⠀⠀⠀

❤️I share to tell you that it’s always safe to let ourselves feel it all, it feels unsafe when we suppress and live a life avoiding pain. There are so many amazing tools to help us on this journey, but beyond any tool and technique is the simple but powerful frequency of LOVE.💜


Tapping Into the BILLIONAIRE Frequency

THE BILLIONAIRE FREQUENCY (or the leading edge of it) is created through the point of neutrality also known as the zero point field. It’s a zone of pure creativity and access to super consciousness which brings in ideas that go beyond what you can think of with your mind.⭐️

🔥If you are here to disrupt industries, create what can only be described as from another time, channel art in new colours, write with words not created yet, invent new technologies, design fashion unseen, than this is the frequency to play in.

💫When I think about a Billion dollars it feels neutral.

Can you feel this?

😊Imagine you have so much money you could buy whatever you choose, it may feel the same as if you were in a universe where everything was free.

This is the secret code to creating it.


Most people won’t even open their minds to the possibility. They may dream about Millions but a Billion is not in their awareness, which keeps their consciousness at a limited point of what can be created.

🌈This is not about money, mansions or jets, this is about accessing infinite intelligence and creation. Everything else flows from here if you allow it.

If you are here to tap into this frequency you most likely have not had the success you desire because you are not thinking at this level. You are thinking about what is known, what has already been created or how you a have done things in the past.

Don’t think. BE.

Open yourself to the possibility and trust your spirit’s guidance. I cannot tell you how to open yourself up to this frequency (but I have my ways), only you can get the downloads about this that are specific for you.

There is always more than your current senses and perception.

If this resonates with you because you are a creator at this level and are fully committed to opening to more of this energy I’d love to hear from you, simply because so much is flowing through me on this topic as I delve into a new product creation. I want to know who I can play with at this level of creation!



How to Make Manifesting Easy

So it’s a joke amongst my friends that I only date black men.
If you look at every guy that I have been remotely interested in or involved with they just happen to be of a darker skin tone! African American, African Australian, Fijian, Jamaican, I went as light as Maori and Samoan. 
Every time someone asks me if I would date a white guy I offer a shocked expression and say “of course” but the reality is that it’s been awhile!
I proclaim over and over that I don’t have a preference it “just happens” that way!!
I am not on any apps or online swiping tinder for only dark men.
I’m not a founding member of hot black men dot com
(I don’t do any type of online dating)
I don’t go to clubs where lots of black men hang out (there are some in Sydney and according to my black male friends this is where girls who have black men fetish hang out). If you’re a black dude reading this you could in serious trouble in Sydney! 
I’m not trying to have beautiful chocolate babies...
I don’t go out of my way to only look for darker men
I just seem to get the attention of black men
To be honest I have thought it was this secret hidden superpower of mine because I live in a country where if you had a fetish for black men, there would be slim pickings. I have lived my adult life mostly by the beach which is mostly white Australia, white Brits and Brazilian tourists! and I have this mass generalised belief that they only like girls with ass and while my ass is ok, it’s not a booty talk about! (apologise to black men offended by that stereotype)
I thought it would be kind of interesting to date a white guy again, I mean I do think Chad Michael Murray is hot and…..
Oh that’s it….🙂 
So I have been on the search for a white guy to break the cycle and then I do it again!! 
I innocently go to Kmart to buy a selfie stick (no judgements please!!) and a gorgeous, I mean freak’n gorgeous African man appears to be checking me out on the check out line. (haha checking me out in the check out line!)
We played the game of trying not to be obvious we were checking each other out. He followed me into the Supermarket, pretty much stalked me, hiding behind the nuts checking me out, he left the supermarket two times then came back….. let’s get real if that was a white guy doing that I would have not been happy and called security.
Attractive men get away with ALOT! 
Finally he comes up to me and says Hi, you’re beautiful, can we be friends (which is proooobably code for something else but whatever!)
I was being open… Oh piece I forgot to tell you, I had been listening to my course I AM LOVED all day and editing content for it because I am relaunching, so I was in the vortex to attract men. My course works! Who needs Tinder when you are in the vortex of self love!
So he got my number and walked away. 
I messaged my friend and said why do you think I always attract black men (she is African, not sure if that is relevant to tell you but she’d tell me if I had some obsessive disorder and I can talk to her about stuff like this) and she reminded me that my subconscious mind knows that I like black men (well she said something more offensive but let’s keep it G rated!) She said just own my preference and stop denying it!
And that is the moral of this story… Our subconscious mind is ALWAYS attracting what we think and focus on
We always attract out preference even when we don’t think it’s our preference!! 
So you have to ask yourself what is your thoughts really focused on? What are you so used to that you just always attract the same thing… There is an empowering and dis-empowering message here because sometimes we do just attract more of what we are used to so think about what it is you really do want! 
Manifesting isn’t hard, think about the things like this that are super easy for you. What do you effortlessly manifest that you don’t think about.
In my case I am not tapping, doing rituals, talking to my coach, journalling, meditating, NLPing or whatever else to manifest darker men!! It just is totally natural because it’s a preference of both my conscious and subconscious mind. I’m like a pro. 
The classic example is if you like Red Mercedes and always look at red Mercedes you will see Red Mercedes everywhere!
I do however do the inner work to be in the vibration of love and attract good quality men and be in a place of non-attachment and self love, that’s what my course will help with! I always attract like-minded conscious men!
This post was about the ease of manifesting and also to say come join me on my course I AM LOVED (PM or comment for the details) but also I will come out of the closest and stop denying what is so effing obvious to everyone else.. My name is Lyn and I like black men!
The end 🙂 
PS white guys feel free to accept the challenge!
PPS I AM LOVED is the program to join if you’re sick of feeling crap about being single or you want to come back into your own self love so you are not creating an attached codependent relationship with your partner