Tapping Into the BILLIONAIRE Frequency

THE BILLIONAIRE FREQUENCY (or the leading edge of it) is created through the point of neutrality also known as the zero point field. It’s a zone of pure creativity and access to super consciousness which brings in ideas that go beyond what you can think of with your mind.⭐️

🔥If you are here to disrupt industries, create what can only be described as from another time, channel art in new colours, write with words not created yet, invent new technologies, design fashion unseen, than this is the frequency to play in.

💫When I think about a Billion dollars it feels neutral.

Can you feel this?

😊Imagine you have so much money you could buy whatever you choose, it may feel the same as if you were in a universe where everything was free.

This is the secret code to creating it.


Most people won’t even open their minds to the possibility. They may dream about Millions but a Billion is not in their awareness, which keeps their consciousness at a limited point of what can be created.

🌈This is not about money, mansions or jets, this is about accessing infinite intelligence and creation. Everything else flows from here if you allow it.

If you are here to tap into this frequency you most likely have not had the success you desire because you are not thinking at this level. You are thinking about what is known, what has already been created or how you a have done things in the past.

Don’t think. BE.

Open yourself to the possibility and trust your spirit’s guidance. I cannot tell you how to open yourself up to this frequency (but I have my ways), only you can get the downloads about this that are specific for you.

There is always more than your current senses and perception.

If this resonates with you because you are a creator at this level and are fully committed to opening to more of this energy I’d love to hear from you, simply because so much is flowing through me on this topic as I delve into a new product creation. I want to know who I can play with at this level of creation!