Stop resisting the chaos!

Maybe you are onto something – attracting chaos into your life.

You may be experiencing the same patterns over and over, keeping yourself in chaos in different areas of your life.

Money is going up and down,

Relationships are up and down,

Struggle – thrive – struggle – up down and around and round.

You swear to Buddha that you are doing all it takes to get your life back on track (if it was ever on the tracks in the first place) and you are doing all the things but nothing is moving the dial, there is still the chaos, the adrenalin, the not knowing what is going to happen next.

And you are hard on yourself for always attracting chaos.

You think that you MUST be low vibe despite all your high vibe efforts and you slowly start to numb yourself so you don’t feel so damn disappointed and deflated.

Sometimes you thrive in chaos, other times you drown, not knowing if you can get by another day like this.

There is something enlightening in this perfect creation of yours. The chaos screams a potent message.

Come towards me it whispers,

Don’t be scared, don’t try to make me mean anything...

I am the answer you need.

It’s not to say you need to CREATE chaos but there is a force within chaos that you are ignoring. You were taught to move your energy around it, rather than go directly into it.

You worry that you will lose it if you go into it, but the feeling underneath it all is calling you.

The dark force of the feminine fire is within you to alchemize you into stillness.

Yes the force of chaos will actually bring the most blissful stillness if you allow yourself to get into the eye of the storm. The energy of destruction is the Source energy of death and rebirth that can shift you to uplevel.

Nature shows us this. That perfect stillness after a deemed disaster where it’s like nothing happened at all.

Most people get up to the edge of chaos and don’t go further, it seems like death to choose to walk further into the danger zone, but try, dip your toes in and see how the moment you choose to go in, a new reality merges around you. You may not even feel any burn, it’s the choice to go in that changes it all.

So instead of avoiding chaos (but attracting it anyway!) stop for a moment, and ask yourself, how can I go deeper into this state to hear it’s message, what is on the other side of this, how can I use this energy and what would happen if I go all in?

Stop resisting the chaos, move with it, surrender to it and notice it all begin to change within you and around you.