We live in a world that is completely obsessed with romanticised love, yet we are missing a real connection to true love.  

We are looking for love outside of us, and as long as we are chasing external validation to feel loved we will not find true love and will continue to reignite our old triggers and patterns over and over again.  

We can have incredible relationships with others, however if it’s at the expense of finding our own true love, then is it really a love that makes us feel good?  

I thought I felt self love, and as someone who put themselves out there as being “spiritual” I thought that I felt one with love and I wasn't seeking it outside of myself.   I wasn't someone that needed to be in relationships, and I had been single more than I had been in relationships, however the truth was my behaviour was showing something very different.  

Most of the time I was in complete scarcity mindset when it came to men. I found it was rare to connect with someone, so when I did meet a man that I felt a connection and attraction to, I would not be able to see anything else around me; my self worth and self love came from their feelings towards me.  

I would give my power away over and over again, and I was ignoring my intuitions voice which was telling me that they weren’t right for me. I found that I was mostly attracted to unavailable men because my ego needed to prove that I was not loveable or worthy, and deep down it was because I was not available and I was scared of the very thing I claimed I wanted!!  

I had so much resistance in this area and these blocks manifested the same situation every single time!   When I liked someone I would do things totally out of alignment so that I could feel loved, seen and heard.  

I would do things I was too embarrassed and ashamed to tell anyone about, because if my friends knew they would see how wrong the guy was for me and I felt like then I would lose love.  

I was entangled in many unhealthy and non-committed "relationships" with men who manipulated me to get what they wanted because it was so easy for them to do this with me whilst I had these blocks.   My emotions were up and down, and I refused to really look at this area of my life despite doing the inner work that I was claiming to be completely committed to….in every other area of my life!!  

At one point I even refused to get help from a professional when I knew I needed to, because I did not want to let go of the man I was attached to, because I knew they would be pointing out the truth of what was going on! It felt like death to let that go and like there would be nothing else left for me if I did.  


I see this with women every single day.  

Women who stay in relationships that are unhealthy for them because they are too scared to be alone.  

Women manipulating men to get what they want and pretending to be something they are not.  

Women believing their emotional ups and downs are normal.  

Women who are hiding because they are too scared to let real love in.  

Women believing that they need to “get the guy” and not believing that they are the prize!  

Women repeating patterns and attracting the same type of guy again and again!  

It took me getting to my lowest point of being severely depressed, to the point of battling suicidal thoughts and having to spend a night in a psych ward, to actually go within and commit to looking at what was going on internally before I could decide to do what was need to shift this pattern.  

I began EFT tapping (which I had done for years but not on this area!)  I began to practice what I preach and re-wired my subconscious brain so that I was not in the same mindset about myself and men. I went into every layer of my beliefs that was causing these external situations I healed them at the core.  

I detached and let go and guess what?? I actually brought in more happiness and peace. The true kind that is not dependant on anyone loving me! I feel the happiest I ever have and I am always getting compliments about my energy. 

These are tools and techniques I swear by and I want to offer them to you. They have saved me going under when I have had situations with men that have ‘not gone to plan’ and I have been able to look at the situation without making it mean anything and without it taking me down. I just see it for what it is and from that space I am able to receive the opportunity to look at where I may have been out of alignment or my energy needs tuning up.  


Hi, I'm Lyn

I am a transformational Coach and mentor who works with women to help them release their energetic blocks and subconscious programming that is stopping them from living out their dreams.

I use a combination of Coaching, EFT, energy alchemy healing practices and my intuitive gifts.

I can easily identify and feel what is stopping you moving forward, and then provide you with the tools to be able to connect into your own guiding system so you are empowered to clear your own energy field and find the answers and direction within.

I have used these tools on hundreds of women and myself to clear deep wounds that go back generations!

I am passionate about helping women reclaim their power after decades of my own battles with inner demons that manifested into deep dark depression, anxiety and chronic health issues. I believe whole heartedly in the tools I will share with you in this course as it was what got me out of bed and excited about life after very intense battles with suicidal thoughts.

In the I AM LOVED program you will receive:

A Video library of 15+ EFT Tapping and healing sessions as outlined below (this alone is of high value even if you can't make the live calls).

A private Facebook Group with ongoing additional trainings and support

Week 1
Welcome intro with all you need to support yourself in this deep work.

Tapping Session: Not feeling good enough

Tapping Session: Fear of rejection and abandonment

Journalling activation: Re-write your love story

Tapping Session: Activating deep forgiveness to attract more love

Tapping Session: Healing the masculine

Week 2
Tapping Session: Overcoming fear of loss

Tapping Session: Heal your broken heart

Tapping Session: Stop attracting unavailable people

An intro into de-armouring

Week 3
Tapping Session: Overcoming disappointment

Tapping Session: Self Trust

Tapping Session: Moving from not enoughness to abundance

Higher self meditation

Tapping Session: Overcome pre-date nerves

Week 4
Tapping Session: Creating and manifesting intimacy and commitment

Heart meditation to call in your one

Tapping Session: Overcome fear of being seen/putting yourself out there

Tapping Session: Open yourself to receive more of your desires

Tapping Session: Allowing deep love

These session will release the deep emotional resistance you may have to love and help you develop a deeper relationship with yourself. From the love space within YOU, your heart will be a powerful magnet to call in the love that you desire. 

This is a toolkit you can go back to whenever you need to, and will serve every area of your life!

It's time to stop looking for commitment everywhere else and start committing and investing in YOU!