Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping) Sessions

If you are not ready for a 3 month commitment I offer a 90 minute EFT sessions as an introduction to working with me. For first time clients you can either invest in 1 or 3 sessions.

EFT is the most powerful tool that I have worked with in releasing subconscious programming. It is a combination of eastern medicine and psychology in that way that it activates the meridians (energy lines of the body) while talking through the thoughts that are coming up. I also combine energy alchemy visualisations and breath work to help dislodged the thoughts that are stuck in your subconscious. You may be very surprised at what comes up for you!!

There are many free youtube videos on EFT tapping which are great to do on your own, but they aren’t always specific to your issues and they may also not be able to activate the deeper layers that need to be released. They can also stir up a lot of energy if you do not know how to guide yourself back to a point of neutrality.

Investment: $250 USD or 3 for $600. Message me on Facebook to book


3 month VIP All access coaching experiences

If you are ready to expand every area of your life and know the power of accountability and mentorship than I invite you into a powerful 3 month container where we parter in bringing your vision to life.

3 month Coaching package includes:

1 x power session - 90 minutes to set the direction of the coaching program

12 x weekly 60 minute mentoring sessions (online calls)

Unlimited Voxer or Whatsapp instant voice message support for quick questions and guidance

Unlimited Email support

Weekly “homework”

1 x 30 min follow up session which can be taken up to 6 months after coaching program has ended

Additional resources (meditations, videos/audios,recommended books, trainings, anything that I think will support you)

Access to my courses and any course I launch during our time together.

Message me on Facebook to enquire about working together.


JOIN my FREEDOM affiLiate business

One of my favourite parts of my life is my Affiliate Marketing business! I teamed up with a company that is one of the best educational platforms for online marketing and building a personal brand. Through this company we create commissions through a highly converting offer. What I have loved about this company is that it is 90% automated, which means there are so many systems in place to do the icky work like building websites, sales pages, funnels and sales… I do not do any sales calls and I make commissions of the sales of a product! All I do is what I have always done, show up on social media, produce content and share the message of this business. If you are curious send me a message on Facebook or watch this webinar training HERE.