Of course I avoided half of this. I could never stop expressing myself through words, and I was lucky enough to be paid for it, having worked in media and the creative industries for over 15 years, but the part of me who knew I was a healer, was mostly stuffed down.

I picked up my first personal development book at 15 years old and dreamed of writing books just like it. At that time, coaching wasn’t popular, although Oprah had started to make personal development mainstream. I thought I’d also like to be a naturopath or something in the alternative medicine field, but the thought of study, and creating a business held me back.

My ego seduced me into the creative world, working in magazines, agencies and companies that everyone felt were “cool”. My career path was one of complete detachment. I had the thought of being a beauty editor and without any credentials, I landed a job at a magazine 6 months after that thought. I started in admin and then moved into the beauty team.

When I wanted to try TV, I had a production role within months. I had jobs that many of my friends envied but I was miserable, battling depression, unsure of my place in the world, knowing I was not living my purpose. I felt trapped in my career, not knowing how I could shift it.

I remember seeing an article in Cosmo about Life Coach, Speaker and Author Grabrielle Bernstein and thought “that Bitch has my life” (and I meant the B word with love!) It reminded me of the life I dreamed of as a teenager and knew that this was my path too.

One of the reasons I didn’t move into this field was because I was told I was too sensitive and empathic to be a healer. I experienced 7 years of chronic illness as a teenager and many years of severe anxiety and depression in my 20’s. All of which was as a result of being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) I felt EVERYTHING and easily took on physical symptoms and realities of other people. How could I possibly be a healer?

But my SOUL and Spirit new best and it began to pave the way

Long story short I met a personal trainer who changed the game for me. Nothing like a hot ripped man to wake me up (thank you God!) Something within me was activated by our sessions and all he taught me about food. I started blogging about health and fitness, not thinking much of it until it led me down an entire new rabbit hole. My first blog “Stilettos and Green Juice” had thousands of views each day, I then got credentialed up and studied health and fitness so that I could educate people on a deeper level about their health. My interest in the online space grew and I began to see so many opportunities to reach people across the world and my passion grew from health to mindset, energy and spiritual growth, which was what my Soul had been guiding me to since I was a teenager. I studied with amazing Coaches and Mentors and began to Solely (and SOULFULLY!) focus on the inner game with people, guiding people past through their subconscious programmes.

I work with Soulmate clients, lead online courses and create content like a ninja!

and of course I write my heart onto a page each day.

I love to support people through their spiritual journey and also mentor them in online business. Outside of my coaching business I also have an affiliate marketing business and consult in digital marketing and content creation.

My home base is the beautiful Sydney, Australia but I am also a digital nomad at times, creating a life of travel and adventure!

how I can help you

My passion is working with visionaries, entrepreneurs and artists who have a vision to impact the planet with their gifts. My art is to help you uncover and clear the hidden subconscious programming that has stopped you from finding the success and bliss you desire so that you can create, impact and influence the world around you!

I fuse intuition, mindset, energy alchemy and spiritual law principles to completely transform every area of your life.

Most people come to me a goal such as business growth or to support their spiritual growth but have breakthrough after breakthrough in every single area of life, expanding their consciousness in ways they didn’t know were possible.

(I am not a Business Coach but my clients know mindset is 80% of the secret to success)


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